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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

- Do you know whatever the size of your organisation, a website is an essential business tool? It’s true!

In today’s tech savvy age even small businesses need to make their presence known on the media their clients use most.  You would think this self evident but based on the many small companies that don’t have an effective or in many cases any website at all, it has been overlooked.  Without a website you are invisible to many potential clients and have missed out on the most powerful marketing tool available today.

Have you noticed how many times people comparison shop or check product information with their tablets, smart phones, and computers before, during and after making a purchase or choosing a service – many times in your establishment.  If you don’t have a website, you don’t even get to first base with these people.  You’re invisible.  Even if you aren’t currently selling online, people still need to find you on the web so that they can become familiar with your business.

If you have a business of any kind, you simply must have a website.  Without it you lose out on so many great opportunities to reach customers or clients, try different marketing strategies, and grow your business.  A website works for you even when you’re sleeping.


Key Benefits of having a professional company website.

First Impressions

Let’s face it – people Google before they shop, check reviews on Yelp and other sites before they buy.  They check-in on Facebook and send tweets through out their day.  There’s a very good chance the first impression they have is online and you need it to be the best it can be.  Starting with the first look at your website people are passing judgement, making decisions to visit your place of business.  If your website doesn’t offer the experience they are looking for, you could be dismissed completely.  If you don’t have a website, you aren’t even in the running.

Best Bang for your Buck (Loonie)

Compared to Newspaper, Direct Mailing or Radio and TV spots, a website is a fraction of the cost and is there for you everyday of the year.  Its easily updated to keep customers interest and you aren’t limited to just one page or 30 seconds of air time.  It lets you communicate with your audience in a way that a cramped ad or fast talking announcer just can’t do.  And people come to your website, you don’t have to send them anything.  You’re only a Google away.

Accessible When You’re Not

Your website and social media accounts are available all day, all night, every day of the year.

How do you feel if you arrive at a store just to find it’s closed?  What do you do?  If there is a competitor that is open, you just go down the street and shop there.

With a website, your customers have answers to many of their questions without even talking to you.  They know your business hours and why they should choose you.  You are available at the local coffee shop, from a couch, and even in the bedroom.  Your customers have easy access to you through your website.  Many will not call you but only look at your website.


Where would you like to shop?  Driving from shop to shop, risking fender benders and parking lot scrapes?  Or in the comfort of your own home?  No stress, no pressure.  Even if you like driving, shopping is still so much easier and quicker on the web.


As customers use your website, even if they don’t initially contact you, you are serving them and you increase your credibility as a business owner each time they visit your website.

A website lets you inform your customers that shopping with you is going to be the best decision they make that day.  Most people who are looking for a product or service check online to make sure they are dealing with a trusted retailer or service provider.  Your professionally designed website lets them see you are a professional, well run business.  When you show up in all of the internet search engines, you are perceived as a trusted, established business. They have no fear of shopping with you.


To stay in business, you must sell enough to cover your expenses and it doesn’t hurt if you can pay your self a little at the end of the month.  An online presence lets you sell to anyone, anywhere, anytime, without limitations; Unless you physically can’t keep up to the pace and that’s a problem you want.  If done right, an online presence can take your business in direction you haven’t even imagined.


A website can be tailored precisely to your target market.  It enables you to react quickly to changes or sometimes proactively initiate industry changes.  There are many online marketing strategies that have been proven effective.  Speak to us and we’ll help tailor one that is just right for you.

The New Window Shopping

Strolling Main Street to look in all the shops isn’t the only way people shop these days.  It is becoming less popular each year.  Instead customers check Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and other online sites before making a purchase.  Being well represented on these search engines isn’t an accident.  We can make sure that you are on these search engines and review sites.

Your website address is important but don’t forget your physical address, phone number and e-mail should be highly visible on your website.  Social media links are great too but only if you are active on social media.

Many times your website has already sold your service or product.  The customer just drops by to complete the purchase or request the service.


Lost Business

If you’re still reading this, you already know that you are missing out on a huge opportunity for customers to connect with you if you don’t have a website.  It goes without saying this will result in lost business.  The one caution to this is a bad website.  A bad website can actually be worse than no website since it makes your business look bad.  If you are not proud of your current website, take it down.  It is far worse than no website.  Don’t give up.  There are many tools that make building a professional website simple and having no website is bad for business.


A website is not optional anymore.  There really is no excuse for not having one and the more professional looking it is, the more you will be rewarded.

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